Last Sunday, FC Barcelona and At. de Madrid starred one of the most important games for Spanish women’s football, on and off the field.

In a domestic league without a very strong competition among the top and the rest of the clubs, both teams were fighting for the league. At Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, some of the best players in Spain and even in Europe.

But, how good was the game in terms of marketing?

In my opinion, a missed opportunity to do something more to put la Liga Iberdrola one step further. Regarding audience, according to Gol TV, the game was the most-watched ever in Spain, with a total of 271,000 viewers and with a share of 1.45%. Obviously, that helps in the task of promoting the sport in mass media to increase general awareness for both teams and the league. However, I’m more concerned about the opportunity cost that the game left behind.

Here are some proposals for next time:

Liga Iberdrola

  • Digital streaming. Via Facebook or website, it would have been very powerful to broadcast the game.
  • On-site activations. Going beyond than a previous promotion video, which was very good, with brand activations at the field and on TV.
  • Cameras. Being the first time that the stands were 100% full, placing cameras in the opposite side of fans would have offered a more continued crowded feeling.

FC Barcelona

  • Leverage the new partner. Stanley Tools, in the week of the new sponsorship announcement, it was the ideal scene to do something, either digital and off-line. Besides, sponsors attract sponsors.
  • Fan experience. Knowing that the stands would be full, it was a precious opportunity for fan engagement activations.
  • The stadium. Playing the game at Miniestadi would have taken the game to the next level. From a potential attendance of more than 5,000 spectators to the limit reached of 1,028 fans at Ciutat Esportiva.

I’m not saying the outcome are not good news but, why not going after the epic news?

Photo: Gol TV

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