Creativity to offer fans a special experience, one of the biggest opportunities in women’s football. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Donation or giveaway from sponsors’ products
  2. Healthy corner. Quick test and tips about physical condition
  3. Nutrition corner. Eating healthy habits and practices
  4. “Selfie photocall” with a #hashtag campaign to access to prizes
  5. “Sponsor challenge”. Digital interaction in social media with specific content
  6. Interviews to fans in the stadium to share in social media
  7. Post box. Chance for fans to leave a letter for their favourite player
  8. Handing “cheering” elements like inflatable bars and big hands
  9. Big wall with the team official photography to take pictures
  10. Big wall to write motivational messages to the team
  11. Giant table football with fans before the match
  12. Official foodtrucks with different kinds of gastronomy
  13. Music bands at half-time
  14. Drawing and painting contest for kids
  15. Official club’s magazine distribution
  16. Match pool associated to sponsors giveaways
  17. Access to VIP area to enjoy the game for season ticket holders on their birthday

Some ideas that can be applied to increase fan attendance. What do you do to make your team feel supported by fans?

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