Last weekend I attended the game between FC Barcelona Women and Athletic Club at Miniestadi. The ‘lionesses’ defeated the Catalan, their first lost game of the season. A total of 622 fans gathered at the stadium.

I have always been curious about how different tournaments, clubs or stadiums organise the TV set to offer the best experience to the fan behind the screen. Most of the Liga Iberdrola games provide a poor experience because the stadium looks empty.

Could you imagine finding a women’s football game on TV with an empty stadium? What would you think about this competition and sport?

During my stay in the Netherlands at the UEFA Women’s EURO, one of the premises of the ticketing team was to start selling the seats in front of the master camera, the main camera of the match. Yes, I agree that the Euro it’s not the same as a national competition. So what? Do we have to limit our possibilities? Here you have an example of an Euro game, where the majority of fans where located in front of the camera, being that sector the most crowded:

In favour of the Liga Iberdrola clubs, it’s true that stadiums are not usually 100% covered as Northern Europe clubs tend to be due to meteorology. Because of that, in Spain, the main camera is usually set where most fans are, making the stadium look empty. In case it rains, do the few brave ones at the stadium have to get wet in comparison to the ones on TV? I wouldn’t agree either. They are the core fans and we have to take care of them. It’s also true that through TV we will reach the largest stadium in the world, with hundreds of thousand and even millions of spectators, but let’s not forget that football is the product and it’s generated on the field.

What could we do?

For instance, setting more cameras that could show a broader picture more times, letting fans appear in more occasions. I can’t imagine of any sponsor willing to put its brand in an empty stadium, especially on TV. In areas or days where we predict optimal meteorology, we could open or sell tickets in stands in front of the main camera, compensating the change with incentives from sponsors. Or maybe facilitating TV set up in front of the main tribune, being an investment that all teams that play there will take advantage from.

No one said it would be simple, but it seems clear that there can be more effective solutions to connect with fans, brands and media.

What punctuation would you give to your brand’s media presence?

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