Finding good reasons to attract sponsors to women’s football can seem a big job, but there are actually powerful benefits to get any brand involved.

Ahead of today’s International Womens Day, Stanley Tools together with FC Barcelona announced their new partnership with the women’s team. The American manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware is already a Barça partner but they decided to support the women’s team because the team “is breaking new ground and changing perceptions every day, promoting diversity and respect”.

Women's Football Marketing

Behind these kind of partnerships, there is a huge opportunity to get associated with an enormous brand with far less money. Obviously, the media impact that can generate the women’s team is smaller than the men’s, but in the end they are partnering with FC Barcelona. So, leveraging this synergy in clubs with men’s and women’s teams can be a convincing asset to get a sponsor on board.

Here you have 10 reasons to convince potential sponsors:

  1. Partnering big clubs with far smaller investment
  2. Reaching a specific niche audience
  3. Associating with unique values as closeness and purpose
  4. Launching more creative and flexible activations
  5. Engaging with fans in a closer way
  6. Investing little money for assets what will increase their value
  7. Leveraging the first-mover advantage
  8. Taking advantage from male’s team resources
  9. Empathising with a global equality movement
  10. Having less competition among team’s sponsors to shine

Hope this helps, do you have any additional reason for sponsoring women’s football worth sharing?

Photo: FC Barcelona

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