Building successful sponsorships in sport is hard.
I share real learnings about Strategy, Commercial and Activation.

I’m a Sports Marketing executive with ten years of experience, having worked at a club, federation and sponsor.
Sports & Entertainment Manager at Neoenergia (Iberdrola Brazil).


· I lead Sports & Entertainment for Neoenergia (Top 25 companies in Brazil).
· I leverage women’s sports and music sponsorships to elevate the brand.
· I create projects for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Women’s League and Rock in Rio.
· I write a monthly newsletter about sports marketing on my blog.
· I teach sports marketing in courses like the FIFA Diploma in Club Management.


✓ Helped to negotiate sponsorship contracts worth over USD 50M.
✓ Worked with clubs, federations and sponsors (360º).
✓ Led a 10-person team at the FIFA World Cup, generating 1.3Bn impressions.
✓ Achieved record sponsorship (58% growth) for the Brazilian FA.
✓ Launched a top 5 FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign worldwide.

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