Xavi Bové
Xavi Bové

Sports Marketer & Blogger, building meaningful brands.

Data-driven, creative and curious executive with 9 years of experience with Revenue, Digital and Branding. Worked with athletes, clubs, leagues, federations and competitions.

Currently, leading the Sports Marketing & Entertainment area at Neoenergia, Iberdrola’s division in Brazil and one of the leading companies in the energy sector. Following Iberdrola’s strong commitment to women’s sport, Neoenergia supports the Brazilian Women’s National Teams, the Women’s National League and top athletes like Tota Magalhães, as well as music festivals in the country.

Before, Commercial & Marketing Manager at CBF. I helped to grow the sponsorship and digital business, fan experience and brand value of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) men’s and women’s national teams, leagues and competitions. Generated record sponsorship revenue (USD 110M) with new commercial partners, renewed strategic partnerships, implemented an innovative FIFA World Cup 2022 plan and led a team of 10 people during the tournament.

Previously, as a sports marketing specialist, I led FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and NWSL female players to sign sponsors such as YoPRO (Danone), Secret (P&G), InnJoo and Nintendo, and to increase digital engagement by 150%. Formerly, I worked at the UEFA Women’s Euro, grew the commercial area at the football club Nàstic and attracted the first title sponsor for the European FIA Rally Costa Brava.

Blogger with +400 articles, +650 subscribers from 25 countries and teacher of the FIFA Diploma in Club Management. Collaborated with Eurosport and Mundo Deportivo for FIFA WWC 2019.

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