The key for a bright future of women’s football is at the base, where next generations can access to better opportunities in a higher developed game.

At an elite level, top players, clubs and competitions are needed to break ceilings in favour of higher attention from fans, media and sponsors. UEFA is accomplishing it by upgrading the highest level of women’s football.

However, is at a grassroots and development level where future players, coaches, facilities, competitions and salaries are born. FIFA and UEFA know that very well, this is why development programmes are at the heart of their strategies and budgets.

Following #WhatIf Women in Football’s campaign, UEFA has committed to increase funding in its Women’s Football Development Programme by 50% to ensure women’s football growth in Europe. Nowadays, the 55 member associations are provided with 100,000€ per year, they will receive 150,000€ annually from 2020.

(I also participated, here you can see my pledge:

#WhatIf Xavi Bové releases on September 10th a Brand Manual for women’s football players so they can benefit from their brand at a bigger scale?)

Consistent and carefully thought steps to build where is needed the most, the foundations.

Photo credit: UEFA

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