#WhatIf Xavi Bové releases on September 10th a Brand Manual for women’s football players so they can benefit from their brand at a bigger scale?

This was my commitment.

Last May, Women in Football launched a campaign named #WhatIf, an initiative born to challenge the landscape for women in the football industry. Any stakeholder was invited to contribute.

Today, I’m happy to release a Brand Manual for players and clubs in women’s football. A guide designed to build a successful and enduring brand in women’s football.

Branding Women’s Football is structured in the following parts:

  1. Creative design
  2. Brand influence
  3. Brand positioning
  4. Brand voice
  5. Action and control
  6. Bonus: the essence

Hope it can help you to make a change through your brand.

All yours.

Women's Football Marketing




Branding Women’s Football

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