New goals, new branding.

The FA Women’s Super League will start 2018-19 season with a new image.

The new brand identity will be applied across FA Women’s Football Leagues, including the Women’s National League and the Women’s Championship too.

This brand evolution comes within the strategy to set English women’s football among the top in Europe, with the ambition to host next UEFA Women’s Euro 2021.

The new branding has been purposely crafted to match men’s new image, a conscious bet to renew and compete against fast-growing leagues as the Liga Iberdrola.

How to know if it’s going to be liked?

As the FA explained, they followed a process where clubs, players and both current and prospective fans were consulted. Testing before launching.

Another step forward to double the amount of women in football by 2020, come on England.

Here you can see the new three logos:

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