When making a decision, we choose based on what scenario we think that will work best.

It’s difficult to assess outcomes that haven’t happened yet. We can’t be totally confident about how fans will react to an increase in ticket prices.

It can become particularly challenging in women’s football, where budgets are tighter and ROI is mandatory.

Here are some ways through which you can measure your fans’ interest, reaction or willingness to buy in order to invest resources smartly:

  1. Google Adwords. Launch a paid-media campaign promoting the future product or service and lead clicks to a landing page form, you definitely will know how many would sign for it.
  2. Facebook Ads. Same with Google Adwords but on Facebook, bearing in mind that Facebook Ads are reactive and Google Ads are proactive as users are seeking for keywords.
  3. Launch something in between. If you want to test if they would be happy to attend a live concert outside the stadium before the game, do it at a smaller scale at half-time and see how they react.
  4. Ask a group of die-hard fans. Gather some of the ones who never fail and ask them for feedback and thoughts to develop and improve your idea.
  5. Sell without selling. Let them buy the product or service and tell them in advance that delivery will take two weeks, the time it could take you to produce it.

We learn as we fail, but we learn better and faster if we can anticipate these mistakes.

Photo credit: FIFA.com

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