Your web home page is mainly the first impression a visitor, fan, sponsor, provider or client will have about you. It’s the greeting part in digital, so it better be worth engaging.

Once you decide what is your web for, there are specific elements your home page should include to increase engagement and conversion, whatever is the goal you are pursuing:

  1. Main benefit at the top. Why should the visitor care? Let her know in a sentence as soon as she gets in.
  2. Powerful content. It could be a video or image, a visual representation about that benefit and your brand.
  3. Brand story. You will need to write your story with a “marketing pencil”. Here you will find the 3 main elements of a brand story.
  4. Call to action. Giving before asking. Offer a present, piece of content, discount or whatever you think it can be extremely interesting, for free, to get their permission. Usually, getting mail is very effective.

We need to build trust before anything. There can be more ways or elements, here you have the ones that have worked for me.

Being this done well, you won’t need more to start a sustainable and long-term relationship to provide value consistently.

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