Internet appears. Websites are created. We all should have a website. Most of all have a website, yet many of us don’t know why.

What is our purpose for having (or not) a website?

From a club, agency, athlete or tournament perspective, we should have a website if it provides value to our fans, followers or clients. Then, the next question is:

What is value for our clients? What can they find on your website, what they want to see or what you want to say?

A commercial website should be built to achieve one goal, getting permission from strangers to market them. That is, obtaining their trust to start a relationship with you. Email could be a great tool for that if we don’t spam and send worthy stuff. Otherwise we will meet at the spam black hole.

Don’t think everyone that meet you online will instantly trust you, you have to offer solid value in order to gain their permission. If you are a club, what if you give the chance to meet the players in a family event if they give you their email? Connections are built on trust and value, and you have to give first, then receive back.

Tell your story patiently, step by step. Don’t use that permission to saturate with offers they don’t need. Here are some steps you could follow:

  1. Offer an incentive to get an email, telephone or way of communicating
  2. Using that permission to teach about your product over time
  3. Reinforce the incentive to make sure your new friend won’t go
  4. Offer even more incentives to strengthen permission
  5. Over time, drive that permission towards profits

One goal. Define what do you want to get through your website and how you will measure your performance. Are you ready to reinvent your digital headquarters?

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