Marketing is no longer about the stuff we make, but about the stories we tell.

This quote of the author Seth Godin expresses how marketing has evolved in the last decade, shifting from a production or industrial based economy towards a connecting and ideas scenery. We buy things based on what we believe. It doesn’t matter if something is red, blue, big, small, cheap or expensive. We buy depending on if we want to believe in, otherwise we don’t care.

This new paradigm sets us in a position where we need to tell stories of our women’s team, club, player, agency or national association in order to engage with fans, brands and media. That is, finding a common spot among all the players we want to connect with.

In school, we are taught that the 3 components of a story are the following, Beginning, Action and End. Traditionally, this can work if we don’t need the story to be our marketing. Nowadays, we need a more engaging structure if the idea behind our story is at the heart of our marketing:

1. Hook: we need to set an attention grabbing moment, situation or disruptive moment. Something we can catch the attention of our audience.

2. Plot: this is the parte where we have to define the characters, drama, suspense and mystery of not knowing what is going to happen.

3. Resolution: here it comes the outcome, how the story ends and the call to action we want our listener to embrace.

Rather than market or product oriented, what if we focus our marketing on the story we want our fan to believe in?

Note: without a brilliant product, none of this works.

Here it’s a great example from Iceland women’s national team:

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