From 26th February to 8th March, Cyprus hosts an international football tournament for women’s national teams worldwide. It has been held annually since 2008. Definitely not an easy job in women’s football.

National associations from countries as Italy, Spain, Korea, South Africa, Finland, Belgium or Wales participate in it. It’s not an easy job as other big women’s football tournaments as the American She Believes Cup or the Portuguese Algarve Cup take place within the same league break.  So, top countries like England, Germany, United States, Sweden or the Netherlands are taken.

For teams, it seems clear that they seek for competition at the level of the major events they will participate in the near future, as the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. It’s a vicious circle, the more money you have to invite teams the more top teams you have, but you need money from sponsors and media that will get involved if top teams are coming.

Then, what do we do? 

Building an authentic identity to be different. In the end, with money you can invite all the teams in the world, but you can’t have all brands and media you seek if there’s not something different in your tournament. Especially, if others count with bigger budgets and are killing it in social media and have the coolest websites.

Here are 5 steps to start building your brand identity:

  1. Analyse your brand influence. From the day it was born to today
  2. Set your brand goals and KPI’s. In terms of brand perception and media impact
  3. Write your story. In a marketing way, Wikipedia is not valid for this
  4. Define your buyer persona. Who is your brand for?
  5. Describe your brand positioning statement. How do you want to be perceived?

The hard part is successfully surviving for 10 years with not a big bunch of sponsors. Let’s go now for the exciting part of building your brand from within to the world.

Photo: Florian Choblet / AFP

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