Either a sponsor, a fan or a follower, how will we successfully run an effective strategy to reach them if we don’t know them?

Getting fans to the stadium, increasing sponsorship revenues or growing your social media fan base, easy said than done. On the other hand, trying to like everyone will lead us to get everyone ignoring us. For this reason, generalist media channels as TV, radio or newspapers are losing track because of their lack of focus on an specific target.

I suggest a concrete way to define your potential client, regardless of her nature, in order to builder a strong strategy considering her fears, behaviour, interests or purchasing power. The Buyer Persona model allow us to describe deeply who we want to reach. It’s about writing who we want to sell, interact or connect with, instead of who we already have. They could be the same person, but the concept refers to the objective

In the Digital Marketing Plan I carried out for my PhD, about FC Barcelona Women, I tried to describe exhaustively the Buyer Persona of Barça. In the following image you will see a visual summary of the description:

Women's Football Marketing

If you want to see the complete process you can download the full project on the following link:

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