Last Sunday I went to Barceloneta, one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona. I soon noticed that 80% of the people were on the sand, sunbathing. The rest were enjoying in the water, the die-hard fans, I guess.

Would it be the same if we just put sand in the city centre of Barcelona?

The answer is no. The beach is cool, refreshing and worth talking about. Same with sports and women’s football.

Do 80% of the Super Bowl attendees not follow the tournament from the start?
Do only a 20% of die-hard fans know everything about the teams, players and the rules of the games?

What if we are in the entertainment business? 

Let’s redesign our strategy to:

  • Take care of that 20% that won’t fail us
  • Provide a whole experience to sell out games
  • Make it easy and cool to be talked about

Embrace the ‘beach effect’, in other words, fans’ authentic behaviour and you will win before kick-off.

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