Special matches as derbies or European competitions are capable of breaking records with extraordinary peaks in the season attendance chart. To lose oneself trying to satisfy all the spectators, from faithful followers to opportunists, would be worse than scoring an own goal.

In recent days, both FC Barcelona in their semi-final match of the UEFA Women’s Champions League against PSG Féminines with a presence of 10,352 attendees and Valencia CF in the derby against Levante UD Femenino in Mestalla in front of 17,000 viewers have caught the attention of many journals. According to UEFA Women’s Football Review 2015-16, the average attendance in the Liga Iberdrola during the last season was 1,000 spectators.

Despite these record numbers, it would be a big mistake not maintaining the focus on those fans who have showed their loyalty throughout all the season. According to Pareto Law, this 20% of fans will be the ones to allow the club to grow its social base by attracting new ones, taking into account that parallel revenues such as merchandising come mainly from this segment. Precisely, they are those who would not like to see how the club rewards in the same way the opportunists who only show up when the most important games are held. How to achieve more market penetration while keeping actual fans loyal?

  • Use differentiated communication strategies to target the “loyal ones”
  • Develop useful content before, during and after matches to get the attention of potential attendees
  • Invites recurring fans to come with new spectators in order to enjoy benefits such as living the game from a preferential position

Therefore, it is crucial to determine the focus of growth. Do you want to fill the seats with unknown fans or with loyal followers?

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