What if our fans care more about show than sport?

What if bringing Beyoncé is more effective than winning al the titles?

What if we control the whole experience?

These are some of the questions we could think of in order to engage with fans, drive revenues and provide a remarkable experience.

If we base our brand positioning, added value or ‘coolness’ exclusively on the sports side, our stadium can be empty when the team loses. Even though our team wins all the titles, what if they have been doing it for so long that isn’t exciting anymore?

The focus will be defined by your fans, depending on what they want and believe, not what they need. They might be appealed for outrageous actions before, during or after games. Or they might be die-hard sports fans.

Defining the industry you are in is the same as finding out what your fans want. My point is, what if a change in our perspective could boost revenue and make your club economically successful?

A different mind-set brings different results. Are fans waiting for some entertainment?

Photo credit: UEFA.com

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