The new season is coming.

For the marketing department, big part of the job should be already done regarding sponsorship, partners and fan campaigns.

Here you have some measures that can be helpful to gain the maximum result, especially at an economic level:

  1. Check your brand positioning and its consistency with the message you tell throughout your channels, especially social media. See how to do it here.
  2. Focus on the 20% of sponsors, institutions, media and fans that are loyal, profitable and known. Your productivity will boost.
  3. Set measures to calculate your return at an economic, social, media and digital level.
  4. Calculate how much every client cashes and costs in order to evaluate their profitability and make decisions.
  5. List the best moments of the season in advance and contact influencers in your area to make an explosive combination to reach your maximum impact when the time comes.
  6. Contact current and new media outlets to let them know what and how you will offer valuable content during the season.

The marketing pre-season also determines its results at the end of the competition.


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