If you are in women’s football, you need a brand.

If you need a brand, it’s vital to write your brand positioning statement, probably the most important element of your marketing.

You need two elements:

  • The frame of reference: landscape where your brand is
  • The point of differentiation: what makes your brand special


  • Muhammad Ali: [The greatest boxer] + [of all time]
  • Marta Vieira: [The best football player] + [in the world]
  • David Beckham: [The sexiest brand icon] + [in football]
  • Zlatan Ibrahimović: [The most arrogant] + [football player]
  • Michael Jordan: [The greatest NBA player] + [in history]
  • Xavi Bové: [The sports marketer] + [in women’s football] (on my way to the best!)

If you can afford leading a market where you can say you are the first, only or best, the score will be 3-0 in your favour.

How do you want to be remembered?

Photo Credit: Victor Tan / New Day Review

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