Knowing how valuable is associating with your brand or, in other words, knowing what you can offer to attract investment.

Companies have much more sponsorship proposals on the table and, commonly, far less money t o invest. How to get to be part of their marketing strategy?

One of the tools that have helped me the most in providing value to the brands I have worked for has been brand impact measurement. That is, in terms of audience and monetary value numbers, the repercussion a brand can have on its environment. A sponsor might feel aligned with the story you tell, but it will probably look for a worthy impact as well.

My suggestion is the following:

  1. Identify all those channels in which your brand is present. For instance, social media, TV, radio, press or events.
  2. Measure that brand impact in reached audience and monetary value numbers. How? There are media agencies that do that. If you don’t find any or can’t afford it, at least measure the impact in reached audience.
  3. Include these numbers in sponsorship proposals. Show specifically those channels and impact that your potential partners can be interested in.

Even though you convince the marketing manager to sponsor you, she will need to defend your idea in front of her superiors. Give her tools and numbers, it will be easier.

How much is your brand worth?

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