This weekend I have had the opportunity to be back in Mallorca to be present at the 2nd edition of Fútbol Para la Igualdad (Football for Equality) event.

This initiative was born from the will to create a game-changing platform in favour of women’s football.

From an apparent limited potential for an event like this in Mallorca, an island in Spain where a physical meeting, congress or event might seem not very scalable, the digital impact will break last year’s numbers.

Last year, I had the chance to explain my experience at the WEURO, this edition, I will be back as part of the organisation. We will welcome regional but also national media, as Mundo Deportivo or As. Professional players, referees, executives from top clubs or player agents.

Many of them came, not because they were paid (probably not), they came to Fútbol Para la Igualdad because of a common-shared belief, the potential of women’s football to grow a better society.

From their speeches and the chats I have had with them, there are 3 main learnings I would like to share with you:

  1. Media have to be the first change-maker to get involved to let the snowball grow, they multiply impact and divide effort.
  2. We need real professional players to ensure a professional competition, they must live from what they do on the field.
  3. Marketing is vital to develop a sustainable model where sponsors can see benefits in supporting clubs, players and leagues.

Since February 13th, I had been writing consecutively everyday, almost 4 months in a row. I didn’t this weekend because of the event. Stopping to come back better it’s part of the journey.

We all have ideas, like Fútbol Para la Igualdad, that can improve women’s football.

What’s the idea you haven’t launched until now?

Photo credit: Gabriel Rubert

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