We are all equality. Under this tagline, the 1st edition of Foro Fútbol Para la Igualdad took place last weekend in Mallorca island. Mixed teams games, freestyle football and talks completed 3 days of claim for equality and women’s football support. Among the speakeds, Jorge Vilda, Spanish women’s football national coach, Evelina Cabrera, president of the Women’s Association of Argentinian Football or Luciana Lopes Da Costa, on behalf of the Arbitral Court of Brazilian Sports. On the speeches agenda, I had the chance to tell my experience inside the marketing team of WEURO 2017.

As main pillars of the speech “Women’s Euro Marketing” were the tasks of the UEFA marketing team, the results of the tournament and the tools or learnings to promote women’s football in the future:

  1. Marketing, the linchpin. From branding, sponsorship activations, ‘Youth Programmes’, food and beverages concessions to the VIP area. In a major sports event like the WEURO, the marketing department articulates a complex machinery designed to seduce fans and sponsors.
  2. Women’s football is awakening. The figures collected after the conclusion of the tournament describe the accelerated growth of this discipline from different areas such as TV, digital or stadium attendance.
  3. Let’s start with the fan. In order to design a seducing experience that surpasses the highest expectations, we must conceive the “fan journey” as the starting point to promote women’s football.

We also talked about that connecting with values such as closeness and sacrifice can be very effective and authentic. However, always taking into account that the priority should be increasing fans and partners loyalty rather than trying to sign new ones with the objective to increase short-term revenues. To illustrate the need to connect with emotional content, we enjoyed the spot Unstoppable for Iceland.

On the following video, the whole speech can be watched:

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