Innovators are the first market group which will take the time and risk to listen and give a try to your story.

Innovators will be the first to convince the rest of the curve about the sexiness of your product. If we take into account that we believe a lot more our peers that unknown people, we better make a good impact on innovators.

They are the 2,5% of the market we should focus on to spread our idea right before going after the die-hard fans. Jeremy Darlow, in his book Brands Win Championships, illustrates it this way:

Women's Football Marketing

Taking this into women’s football marketing, who are our innovators?

Media are the first innovators we can reach. They are willing to risk to be the first at telling something to someone who cares. Media will engage if you have crafted an attractive story.

From there, from hard to potential fans will pay you attention at different levels. They get to decide if you are worth listening to.

How do we get media? Well, maybe the first question is, what do media want?

Many times, they seek for a new and different story. Something that can surprise or discover a new face of women’s football. Thus, how you write and tell your story matter, more than ever.

Do media know, engage and follow you?

Photo credit: UEFA.com

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