Football comes first, then marketing.

National Associations across Europe are making promises in favour of a better game.

Following the steps of England, the Danish Football Association has set three major goals to be achieved in the future.

A vision designed to improve women’s health and well-being as well as empowering women working in the world of football:

  1. Growing grassroots. By 2025, the Danish Football Association should have at least 135,000 girls playing, compared with about 65,000 in 2018
  2. Winning a major title. Within the next 10 years, the national women’s team should seek to win a Euro, a World Cup or an Olympic football tournament
  3. More footballers. Within 10 years, women should make up one-third of all registered footballers and resources should be allocated accordingly

From a business standpoint, this plan could be a worthy opportunity for adding:

  1. “Travel partner” approach. As they will probably keep looking for sponsors, they could approach potential sponsors with the goal of building a better future together, considering the current and future high benefits of joining at the beginning
  2. Revolutionary campaign. Challenging goals, change-making decisions. Rebel content promotion to construct from mind-set readjustment. We must first change ourselves to change what’s outside
  3. Local, national and international media. Reaching media partnerships across countries to ensure a strong impact is the first step to scale your idea across the market

From football to society, and back.

What could you do from your position?

You can access the full report here (English data from page 31).

PS. You can watch the full webinar with Karen Bardsley here.

Photo credit: TheLocal.dk

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