Dear current and future sports marketers,

What’s it going to take to be the best women’s football marketer of your country this year?

How can you make a huge impact as a women’s football marketer?

Infinite strategies for endless goals. But if you want to advance in this field and provide solid value in the women’s football industry, here are some takeaways from Women’s Football Marketing Coordinator job vacancy from UEFA:

Hard skills

  • Get expertise in marketing. Either in women’s football or other sports, providing a high quality background in marketing is one of the top assets.
  • Digital is a must. It’s like English, you either have both or you can get back to study. Marketing can’t be understood without digital. You don’t need to be the SEO or SEM expert, you have to be able to deal with it.
  • Campaigns operations. Knowing how to create, develop and launch promotions while collaborating with external partners is key to deliver effective insights to the market.

Soft skills

  • Organisational skills. Sports marketing requires flexibility and speed, many things at a time. Women’s football is not an exception.
  • Creative mind-set. If many things haven’t been done yet, someone has to do them for the first time. Is it going to be you?
  • Sports driven. If you can’t get excited in becoming part of one of the top shows in the world, football, you can’t give your best.
  • Analytic spirit. As J Curve explains: create, release, morph, model, scale and harvest. Launch, learn, repeat. You need to know what works and doesn’t.

This being said, I don’t believe very much in CVs or résumés. In my opinion, it’s mostly about the soft skills as our emotions lead our decisions. Hard skills are useful but we can all add up years of experience or knowledge in everything. Our results is what define us.

What we can’t all do is being personal, caring and a massive value provider everyday. Yes, everyday.

Note. These are not tips to get a job. These are requirements you can use to make something happen.

Here you can see the job vacancy.

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