As part of the Mobile World Congress, 4 Years From Now is an integrated event and congress that takes place at Fira Barcelona. It’s a set of stands, conferences, activities, networking and opportunities for start-ups to grow their business.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be back for the 2nd time. I attended a conference that seemed to me very useful and worth applying to women’s football. Its author, Howard Love, talked about the J Curve, a pattern that most start-ups experience and that being aware of it help these new projects to run successfully along the curve.

The curve is composed by the following stages: Create, Release, Morph, Model, Scale and Harvest. At the heart of the effort and, why not, faith in your project, is the Morph part. The Morph stage refers to the time when you have to adapt, adjust and redefine your product as many times as needed to scale the best possible version. To do that, feedback and data from users and customers is vital.

Women's Football Marketing

In many senses, women’s football has a lot to do with start-ups, small entities trying to make its project sustainable by attracting investment and creating value being flexible enough. Clubs may have a long trajectory, but when we talk about marketing or communications, there’s still a lot to walk.

Like start-ups, women’s football clubs have:

  • Scarce money and resources
  • More flexibility to adapt
  • A trial and error environment
  • A huge space for creativity
  • The need to implement a sustainable model

As a women’s football professional, I invite you to consider at which stage are you in and if you are trying to scale and set a model from the best possible product version you can build.

What stage are you at?

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