Last years’ general growth in women’s football and the success of its major events as the Euro or the upcoming record-breaking World Cup are leading UEFA to set an effective plan to take the game to the next level.

Also considering the Women’s Champions League evolution, the European governing body plans to increase the value of women’s football by:

  • Helding the women’s Champions League final in a different city to the men’s final in order to ensure its own spotlight and TV impact
  • Strengthening broadcast rights for UWCL by “bringing centralisation back to the quarter-finals to final”, instead of UEFA managing only the final
  • Building a more engaged audience with clubs and players by putting more emphasis on more UWCL games previous to the final
  • Marketing women’s football separately and attracting exclusive sponsors to the women’s side so they will be more active and committed

The core of these plans aim to ensure present impact but also “impact capacity” for the future.

Leveraging the growth of the recent year it’s as important as designing a future where these results can not only be maintained but sustainably boosted.

Source: UK Reuters
Photo credit: UEFA – We Play Strong

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