More investment, media attention, sponsors, better players and a clear vision lead inevitably to a sustained growth.

Yesterday was 2018 UEFA Women’s Champions League final, where Olymplique Lyonnais won their 3rd consecutive continental trophy, against Wolfsburg.

Let’s have a look from a marketing perspective, where the main indicators say that the competition is growing at a good pace, especially in digital:

  • Endless Instagram stories and posts. Reaching 13.5k aggregate posts related to #UWCL, the platform was filled with Champions content.
  • Google searches keep rising. Analysing on Google trends the evolution of UWCL, Champions Femenina and Women’s Champions League searches, the growth is remarkable.
  • The ‘Alex Morgan’ or ‘Cardiff’ effect. Google Trends also show that, compared to last year, the searches have been considerably less. Is it because last year the final was held in Cardiff and/or Alex Morgan was there?
  • The ‘inside’ content produced by UEFA has and will strongly improve the tournament digital experience, with priceless photos and video on social media. Watch it here.
  • Olympique Lyonnais won again. Definitely not the most exciting part, not many surprises within the winner and the final stages teams.
  • Fans crowded Kiev. 14,237 spectators attended the game at Valeriy Lobanovskyi Dynamo Stadium. Its capacity is 16,873.
  • Women’s and men’s finals will be separated. Aleksander Čeferin, UEFA president, said that next year finals will be held in Budapest and Madrid respectively. The reason, “that will give the women’s game a platform of its own, to continue to grow and to become an unmissable event and television spectacle in its own right.”

Here you can see the previously mentioned Google searches evolution:

Women's Football Marketing Women's Football MarketingWith this good pace, we can only lead women’s football where it deserves to be.

Photo credit: UEFA

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