It’s been almost a year since the first post in women’s football marketing. Today it’s the 70th from a lot more to come.

In this post, I would like to share with you the ones that have had the biggest impact. Curiously, 4 out of the top 5 are interviews, besides the first benchmark analysis. Maybe because top professionals have spread their interviews on social media or maybe because you, the reader, like this personal approach and experience. Maybe both.

Here you can read the top 5 posts: 

“We are in the business of quality football and development”
Lucy Mills, Group Head of Women’s Football for Right to Dream
Read interview

“We need to work on the social and educational areas”
Evelina Cabrera, President of the Argentinian Women’s Football Association (AFFAR), ontological coach, football manager, Nike ambassador
Read interview

Analysis Benchmark Top Leagues: sponsors and social media in the 4 top leagues in Europe
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“Women’s football in Argentina needs to be taken seriously”
Vanella Raschella and Palona Aschieri, founders of Gladiadoras Xeneizes
Read interview

“It is a huge amount of work, but you get so much in return”
Esther Huijsmans, Breda Venue Manager at UEFA Women’s Euro 2017
Read interview

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