Women in sport is a social reality.

Toni Duggan, football star playing for the English Lionesses and FC Barcelona, explains how she feels women’s sports are embedding into society.

From her standpoint, women’s football is at a more mature stage than it was just five years ago, seeing more consciousness about the quality of women in sports across society.

At a marketing level, it means that:

  • We should focus on making current fans the happiest in the world, they will be in charge of bringing more people in.
  • Women’s football is or can be profitable if we are capable to funnel its emotions in a sustainable way, from sponsors to fans.
  • We have a strong connection point to both gather and grow the family women’s football is building around values as equality and accessibility.

Women in sports are not just accepted but admired.

You can read Toni Duggan’s full interview here.

Photo credit: Female First

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