As a major governing body, FIFA should play an active role in leading women’s football towards accessibility, sustainability and impact.

Day-to-day programmes but also big events as the World Cup are at the core of FIFA’s strategy, which has been described in 10 principles aimed to enhance the growth of girls and women in football:

1. The opportunity for football. Women’s football represents a great growth opportunity for football associations across the globe, FIFA invites all of them to have an specific plan in this respect.

2. Equal accessibility. Every FIFA’s Member Association should work to make football in clubs, schools or colleges equally accessible to boys and girls.

3. Sustainable top competitions. Elite women’s football should be sustainable both from a technical and commercial side, backed with a solid structure to ensure professionalised competitions.

4. Marketing and promotion. FIFA suggests stronger marketing at all levels in women’s football. Starting from participation and followed by building and audience together with partners.

5. Leverage current know-how. Expertise from executives in the field have a unique skill set that is priceless. These experts should be involved in all key decisions.

6. Counting with players and referees for development, leadership and management opportunities.

7. Female coaches as mentors. The governing body promotes a strategy where visible leaders and role models as coaches can be involved in development and mentoring projects.

8. More women in management. Having women involved at all decision-making levels should be a priority for all Member Associations.

9. Together with men’s structures. Leveraging synergies with men’s football organisational structures can provide an ideal environment for growth.

10. Equality and respect. Women’s football should act as a change-making tool throughout society, enabling women to fulfil their potential in sport and society.

The sports and business side have to go together as none can grow alone. Marketing needs a well-defined product to be spread and football needs marketing to win the sustainability game.

The best marketing is offering a product you can’t resist talking about it.

The information above has been taken from the DBU report published in April, 2018. You can find it here.

Photo credit: FIFA.com

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