Experts say that an excellent product doesn’t need advertisement.

In women’s football, we must need to be aware of product variables that need to be improved before going in search of media and sponsorship.

One of them are football boots. Isn’t it surprising that most female players wear either men’s or children’s boots?

A recent article written by Anna Kessel, Co-founder & Chair of WomeninFootball, illustrates the hassle that players face on their feet.

A sensitive problem but a bigger opportunity for boots manufacturers. For instance, Puma’s strategy has strengthened its focus on women’s business, here they have a golden opportunity for their brand ambassadors.

If media and brands will look for an authentic sports show with a faithful community behind, improvements like players’ weapons need to be adapted to their needs.

In Australia, Ida Sports launched a crowdfunding initiative to support the production of The Ultimate Football Boot for Women:

Photo credit: Ida Sports

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