Boosting the reach of your content, your assets and, consequently, the impact of the brands that support you. The trend of broadcasting women’s football matches on social media live has come to determine who will be left out of play and who will generate more revenue from sponsorship, merchandising or memberships.

On May 28, 2016, Facebook was the scene of the first football game live broadcast on a social network. The match between Atlético Féminas and Athletic Bilbao was seen by more than 370,000 unique users. Through the collaboration of beIN Sports, the match of the Liga Iberdrola achieved a reach of 2.289.675 fans in Facebook, accumulating an engagement through reactions, comments and shares of 55,215 users. In the stadium, 5,620 spectators attended. Then, it is clear where the potential to connect brands with fans is.

Especially in the case of women’s football, the opportunity to play live matches is even more interesting. With the difficulty of finding a niche in traditional television among the most popular and followed sports, social platforms not only allow to be the main character but also direct the content to a specific, un-listened and interaction-measurable target through a bidirectional communication. In business, it represents an opportunity to connect directly and emotionally with a community related to the values of your brand. Quality but also quantity, as a network like Facebook can become the largest stadium in the world.

  • What indicators will determine your digital success?
  • How can you offer more value to more fans through social media?
  • How can you work side by side with your partners to deliver useful content?

Alex Morgan gathered more than 16,000 spectators when she went live broadcasting a National Women’s Soccer League game:

Marketing Women's FootballMarketing Women's Football

If new generations of millennials are the present and future audience spending most of their time on social networks, it would be rash to put the digital environment aside. Tools such as Facebook Live will lead to more impacts and, therefore, more revenue, increasing competition among marketing departments to offer the best possible return to their sponsors.

Opportunity, obligation or experiment. When will you open the doors of your virtual stadium?

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