We are like you.

This is the message of CE Europa, a 2nd Division women’s team in Barcelona.

The following 2018-19 season, the club will launch its membership card to support the women’s team as been done in the last years. 20€ to support the women and 50€ to watch all the games at the stadium.

On the poster, Kaky, the captain of the first team serving a beer at a local bar in the city.

Women's Football Marketing

For local awareness, local impact assets.
For national awareness, national impact assets.

And CE Europa knows it well. To grow in terms of fans, sponsors or media appearances they must start at a district scale to eventually strengthen their impact on the city and on the country.

Likewise, either at a more or less notorious club, tournament, agency or athlete, we should start by:

  1. Defining all our current and potential assets
  2. Classifying them regarding economic, geographic and media impact
  3. Setting a price for each asset
  4. Listing potential partners and stakeholders to connect with each category

It’s not just about the impact you want to make next season but about designing a strategy to reach the next level in the next 3 years.

Are you like us?

Photo credit: CE Europa

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