We think of a potential sponsor, we see how we can reach them, we try to set a meeting but… wait a minute. What’s our proposal?

If we all agree that marketing is marketing something, first we need to work on the value of this “something”.

  • How much are our assets worth?
  • What’s the price for the frontal of our jersey?
  • How much does a pitch board in our field cost?
  • What’s our discount margin?

Think about the benefit the partner will receive, not the want you want to get. This a two-ways equation, they have to see value to get into your team.

There are many ways of pricing your assets, here you have one:

  1. Measure the impact of your assets. Define the economic, digital, social and media impact of your assets. There are external tools as Kantar Media, Nielsen Sports or Blinkfire Analytics which are very helpful. Of course it’s difficult to concrete the value in numbers, but that’s the language of your potential sponsor’s investment.
  2. Decide the ROI you want to offer. If the frontal logo of your jersey is valued with 100,000€ and you sell it for 10,000€ you will be offering a 10x ROI. The partner will receive 10€ per each 1€ spent. That’s what SD Eibar in Spain do, they offer a 10x ROI minimum per sponsor.
  3. Price accordingly to your ROI. Set up a price regarding your assets ROI and give a bit more than expected. Focus on benefits when selling, that’s what they look for.

Here you can see the different levels of sponsorship of SD Eibar:

Women's Football Marketing

If you want to know more, here is a post of how developing a sponsorship proposal.

Luckily, it will be hard. This is why it will be great.

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