Strong differences in followers, sponsors from men’s teams and Nike leadership.

The FA Women’s Super League started the current season with a new branding, a renovated design implemented by the FA that also included the Women’s National League and the Women’s Championship.

This brand evolution comes within the strategy to set English women’s football among the top in Europe, with the ambition to host next UEFA Women’s Euro 2021.

We can draw the following conclusions from the chart:

  • All the teams have a front-shirt main sponsor.
  • The majority from the 11 clubs count with sponsors from the men’s team. For exemple, Arsenal with Fly Emirates, Manchester City with Etihad Airways or Chelsea with Yokohama Tyres.
  • Regarding kit suppliers, as in Liga Iberdrola, Nike leads the market with more than 30% of the teams, including Manchester City, Chelsea, Brighton and Yeovil Town.
  • Puma and Umbro provide kits to two clubs respectively.
  • 80% of them use exclusive accounts in social media for the women’s team, only Manchester City and Brighton have unified profiles with the men’s team.
  • Only two clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea, gather up to 90% of the followers from all the teams.

Women's Football Marketing

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