Diversity and potential growth.

At a marketing level, Spanish clubs play at different rhythms and differences are more evident among exclusive women’s clubs and those with men’s teams. Above all of them, At. Madrid Femenino and FC Barcelona Femení are far ahead in sponsorship deals and social media followers, considering Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We could draw the following conclusions from the chart:

  • Nike leads the kit supplier market with more than 30% of the teams. The rest, a vast distributed cake among brands.
  • Adidas is weakly represented in Liga Iberdrola, only through Valencia Femenino. Same in Liga Santander, where supplies Real Madrid, Valencia and Celta. Is their strategy focused on athletes endorsement rather than teams?
  • Up to 4 teams don’t have any front-shirt sponsor. Luckily, less than last in the last years and more than in the near future, where more of them will inevitably sign new ones.
  • Local and regional sponsors are more common than global front-shirt brands. Synergies with the men’s teams seem to help a lot.
  • 80% of the teams have exclusive accounts for the women’s team.
  • FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid and, surprisingly, Real Betis, lead the ranking of most-followed teams.

Women's Football Marketing

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