Content but also shape, both matter. Especially when our first impressions are usually made visually.

The way we structure tournaments, leagues or summer camps is also marketing as it will directly affect their appeal to fans, brands and media.

According to Palco23, the Spanish National Association would be willing to implement some measures promoted by the Clubs Association and LaLiga. This proposal for 2019-2020 season includes:

  • Creating a new “Primera B” division between the Liga Iberdrola 1st Division and the 2nd Division
  • “Primera B” would be composed by 2 groups of 16 teams each, organised in Northern and Southern Spain
  • Reducing the 2nd Division from 113 to 32 teams

Likewise, steps forward in improving Copa de la Reina (Queen’s Cup) have also been made towards a competition where all 16 1st Division clubs participate, instead of the first 8 classified in the league.

How would this affect at a business level?

  • Higher ROI for clubs as they will be in a stronger position to negotiate longer and more profitable sponsorship, subsidies or investment deals
  • Better show on the pitch with more competed divisions
  • Stronger TV, sponsors, fans and media impact as the Liga Iberdrola and lower leagues will become more interesting
  • More resources for decent salaries for players to have the opportunity to become professionals
  • Longer competitions, including Copa de la Reina and Liga Iberdrola, which will lead to more frequency and consistency brand impact
  • More entertainment on match days due to more interesting leagues

In England, similar measures have been taken. The FA Women’s Super League will extend their current 10 participant teams to 14 and will create a 2nd Division with a maximum of 12 teams, where the players will have to work under, at least, a part-time job contract. Besides, Manchester United will join the party.

Solid and promising steps ahead of a thrilling 2019 year that will hold the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Photo credit: El Español

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