The words we use to communicate are a reflect of our thoughts, which show our worldview.

In the women’s football industry, I have heard things like “we don’t have money”, “we’re not profitable”, “we don’t have fans” or “nobody pays us attention”.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, what matters is what you’re going to do to improve it.

If we believe and see our day to day under these expressions, we are limiting our potential and new opportunities. What we do and what we say is what we end up accomplishing.

There’s no way to find resources if we tell everyone that we’re not profitable.

Instead, I suggest asking big and specific questions to focus on a solution and not on a present effect.

  • How can we find one 10,000€ sponsor this month?
  • What specific campaign can we launch to fill the stadium next Saturday?
  • What story and incentives can be build around our current and new fans?
  • What bold and authentic message can we spread through media?

Let’s reprogramme our brains to focus on empowering questions.

Women’s football deserves it.

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