What’s it going to take to be the best sports marketer in women’s football this year?

Great questions will lead you to great results. Poor questions will lead you to poor results.

Every goal comes from a question, where do we want to go? We decide how to frame that question and how ambitious we want to be. We can’t be the best in our world if we don’t ask ourselves what it takes to get there. We can’t triple our income if we don’t ask what is needed.

According to Marketing Outrageously and The One Thing books, which they are very recommendable, every great outcome comes from a great question. To do that, we have to ask big and specific. Big, what is the reason of not reaching our full potential? Specific, if we aren’t concrete we will not be able to measure it correctly and set a clear path towards the goal.

What’s it going to take to be the best marketing department in our league this year?
How can I double our marketing revenues in 6 months?
What have I done to make money for my company or project today?

These are the kind of questions that bring out the best from us.

Please, pen and paper. What’s it going to take to _________ this year?

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