Mobile and video are taking over content marketing.

We know that we spend more than we should on mobile and that video will account for more than 90% of the content by 2020.

According to Smart Insights, mobile, desktop and tablet coexist in our daily lives, being the tablet the most used device at prime time when using multi-screens.

Women's Football Marketing

However, this post is to highlight the importance of Instagram and vertical videos. In the Players and Social Media 2018 study published in January, we saw that Instagram leads the platform used by players and followers in women’s football.

Engagement will ultimately depend on the experience our followers will have with our content. And here is the point, it must be vertical and not horizontal as most of users use Instagram on their mobile devices, especially with the launch of Instagram TV.

On Nike Instagram, both pics and videos are made and published in vertical format for mobile, whereas GoPro hasn’t adapted yet. As a result, the mobile experience is totally different.

So, let’s take this advantage for women’s football and produce and publish content in vertical format on Instagram.

Our followers deserve it.

Photo credit: Nike.com

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