Mark Zuckerberg’s app has recently launched its own TV channel, to host long videos specifically designed for mobile devices.

The goal? Probably, getting more Instagram users spending more time on the platform.

How does this new TV channel affect women’s football?

There are many opportunities to create valuable content:

  • Matchday video summaries after each game
  • Interviews with players or fans
  • “Inside” videos from a travel or experience about the team
  • A “day in a life” of a player
  • Highlights of the season
  • Partnership activations in video
  • Videos sent from fans to support the team

There are many ways in which we can provide value to our followers with Instagram TV, strengthening fan loyalty and, especially, from the new generations of women’s football fans.

As in any other new tool release, there can be opportunities within and without the platform.

  • Don’t forget about Twitter, Facebook or Youtube if your fans are there. Your fans get to decide where they want to see you, not the opposite
  • Be active on where you can make a difference, don’t open blogs, Instagram TV channels or Twitter profiles is the presence will be weak

In a constant-changing environment, the most successful ones will be those willing to adapt being faithful to their principles.

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