In a recent post, Why branding women athletes, we saw the importance of developing a personal brand. A marketing strategy to score off the field by:

  1. Engaging with fans brands and media
  2. Living from their passion
  3. Leaving a legacy in sport

Having a look at Global Sports Salaries Survey 2017 published by SportingIntelligence, it seems even more necessary to leverage their influence to create post-career success.

The highest average annual salary paid is 64,388€, that is, 5,366€ a month. This average income is perceived by basketball Women’s National Basket Association players in United States. In women’s football, the D1 Féminine is the league that pays more to their players, with a total of 42,188€ per player on average.

The French competition is followed by Frauen-Bundesliga, FA Women’s Super League, National Women’s Super League, Damallsvenskan, W-League and Liga MX Femenil. Countries as Spain, Italy or the Netherlands are not included in the research. Surprisingly, United States women’s football league is located at the 4th position, demonstrating that the national league is still far from the strong leadership that the national team has worldwide.

Source: Global Sports Salaries Survey 2017 – SportingIntelligence

Here you can access to the full study, don’t miss it!

Global Sports Salaries Survey 2017

Photo: S. Guiochon / Le Progres

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