In women’s football, it’s not as common as in other sports seeing many brands sponsoring either clubs, players or tournaments. The good news is that it’s happening more and more.

Especially the players, are the least sustainable element if we think about the long run, when most of them can’t make a substantial income to stop “working” after their careers.

Branding can be the solution, and making money as a result and not being the main goal. Athletes can benefit in different ways if they develop their personal brand:

  1. Engaging with fans, brands and media. Telling their story in a consistent, authentic and frequent way leads to appealing to those stakeholders that share the same idea and message.
  2. Living from their passion. Trying to make an impact through a personal identity connecting with partners inevitably drive income that increase the ROI of their passion.
  3. Leaving a legacy in sport. Legends in sport leave an idea behind because of their story, personality and values. Creating a brand, along with sports success, can lead to become a reference.

We live in a society where sports play an important role in our everyday life and, consequently, athletes and sports properties become the most influential, especially in digital. On the other hand, most of the biggest and top brands are in sports and most of the best athletes care about their brand.

A lifetime opportunity to do something beyond sport.

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