Doing business in any industry it’s about picking an existing problem and offering a useful solution.

In women’s football, you can call them problems or opportunities. If you want to work in the industry, see what it needs and match it with your strengths. We need people to lead changes, the rest are occupied with our problems.

Here are some problems you can selfishly pick for the good of the sport:

  • Clubs don’t sign enough sponsors
  • Few fans attend to games
  • Clubs don’t have time or resources for marketing
  • Players need branding to make extra money
  • Media need more new and different content
  • Sponsors need more ROI in their partnerships
  • Leagues need to be more appealing in terms of marketing
  • Major events need hands to run a great experience
  • Fans need sources of information and entertainment related to games

These are some, pick yours and work tirelessly to solve it like a champion.

Photo credit: Marca.com

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