The two global brands, City Football Group and the dating app, have already started activating their partnership.


They are a great example of how start building a sponsorship, from the target rather than from the product.

If you design a sponsorship plan from the product, you will start finding customer for your products, instead of finding products for your customers.

Tom Glick, chief commercial officer of the City Football Group, stated that “We are absolutely committed to speaking to young men and women fans around the world, and that’s on top of our mission to connect with a young generation of sports fans.”


Manchester City has proved to be very committed in women’s football promotion. As part of the campaign Same City, Same Passion, they merged their men’s and women’s social media channels to provide valuable content from both teams.

On their side, Tinder’s strategy focuses on bringing people together, especially young men and women around the world, as part of their daily lives.

Woman focus on both sides. The perfect match.

Brand equity 

Consistency and frequency, the key for building brand equity.

With this partnership, the City Football Group will be able to reach a female and male worldwide audience through a global franchise. Tinder will access to “a real opportunity for volume and frequency” as the City Football Group is present in North and South America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

The City Football Group is represented in the United States, Uruguay, Australia, Japan and Spain by New York City FC, Club Atlético Torque, Melbourne City FC, Yokohama F. Marinos, Manchester City FC and Girona FC respectively.


It’s said that, when we experience the most intense feelings of pleasure or pain, it’s when we create the strongest memories.

Sport provides a unique chance to associate brands with high levels of adrenaline and emotion.

What if the main sponsor of your club gives you a VIP package to experience how your team plays the final of a tournament as the Champions League? You will love that brand forever because of the huge pleasure linked to the sponsor.

On both sides, Tinder and City Football Group teams will provide the audience with moments of pleasure and pain. Happy feelings when your team wins and when you match someone on the dating app. Sad feelings when your team looses and when you either don’t match or the date doesn’t work.

On the other hand, there can’t, physically and theoretically, be moments with high intensity of pleasure without pain. We need criticism and mismatches to recognise the good feelings.


So, identify those emotional opportunities in your target’s everyday life to activate your brand within a partnership.

Your brand will be loved and remembered.


Photo Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

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