As sports marketers, our most important job is to build brand equity. The brand is the most important asset and apart from being guardians, we must be gardeners too.

How do we build brand equity?

We need to focus on the following elements:

  • Insight. It’s vital to find the unique and authentic connection between our brand and our customers, that moment, feeling or emotion that will make people let us into their lives.
  • Tagline. Building a powerful tagline to attract, remind and tell everyone why we are here and who for.
  • Experience. Creating moments and, especially, memories with the people we want to make a difference for. A video, a song, an event, a letter. It’s up to you.

On the other hand, we have our own ego. When we land to a company and to a brand to which we have to protect and strength, we try to figure out how we can make it the next big thing and rapidly create a case story for all universities.

Guess what? In the end, the brand ends up having as many identities as brand managers have entered the kitchen.

In less than 10 years, adidas brand has had multiple personalities and messages. From Impossible is nothing, Play, Adidas is all in, There will be haters to Here to create.

You can adapt how you tell your story and what elements you use, but definitely not why you tell it so often.

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