As well as male and female players reinforce each other by connecting, so do men and women football fans.

Rather than classified pyramids of women’s and men’s football fans, we have people looking for thrilling experiences. And both can provide them.

We seek for stories worth telling about and a community worth being part of.

New Nielsen data shows that:

  • Accounting for 31%, football was the most popular sport within women in 2017
  • The most engaged audience age is 18-24
  • 2018 World Cup ads aimed to female audience have been 18% more effective than the ones in 2014 World Cup
  • 58% of women find the Women’s World Cup very appealing
  • 70% of female audiences are interested in the Men’s World Cup

What can we do upon these numbers?

  1. Focus on your target market to keep it satisfied
  2. Interact with these growing audiences to expand your community
  3. Market a relevant, anticipated and personal brand

Different stakeholders in the industry, as sponsors, fans and media, don’t stop growing.

Let our value and trust follow their rhythm.

Photo credit: TheDrum / Tom Grimbert

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