How many spam mails do you delete everyday?

How many ads do you skip on Youtube?

How many banners do you click?

We live a digital revolution that saturates us with far more advertising to which we pay far less attention. Our trust costs more, so the brands that make it to our lives are the ones that we decide to let in based on the benefit they bring.

As sports marketers, we need to differentiate our athletes, clubs, agencies, events or leagues in a way that it can be appealing within all the surrounding noise. Otherwise, we will add our brand to the invisible brands list.

How can we provide a remarkable experience to our clients?

Through anticipated, relevant and personal marketing. Anticipated, giving what our fans, sponsors or customers expect before they ask for it. Relevant, providing a clear benefit designed with a customer rather than a product approach. And personal, letting them feel special and following a conversation that makes us human.

As marketing author Seth Godin suggests, let’s figure out if your customers would miss you if you were gone. It’s about being worth engaging consistently, in all interactions, and frequently, many times.

And Manchester City does it very well, launching campaigns aimed to women’s football world community with an anticipated, relevant and personal approach.

When building your marketing, think about:

  • Who’s it for?
  • What’s it for?
  • Would they miss me if I was gone?

It’s game day. Everyday.

Photo: Manchester City

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