Either the strategy or the tactics. Your fans or followers, hopefully fans, get to decide what they want, not you.

Women’s football is at an initial stage in terms of awareness where it needs to raise visibility, impact and revenue. That is, marketing.

As sports marketers, indirectly or directly, our job is to generate engaging content so our message and story can be listened to and given a try. We tend to focus all the measure and control part of our plans at the end.

That’s fine but, what if we start measuring also before creating the content?

We are movie directors, we are responsible for generating an appealing story in which each scene, each post, can be as powerful as the whole story. Each scene reflects the whole movie and we should produce many chapters with a high VRIN score on average.

Before producing or testing your content, Twitter is a good platform for that, it could be very useful to assess the potential of your post with the VRIN score:

  • Value. Does your content match the value your followers seek in you? What’s your main benefit by the way?
  • Rare. Is everyone creating similar content or yours is different?
  • Inimitable. Can anyone replicate what you are posting? In sports it looks easy..
  • Non-substitutable. How hard could be for a fan to unfollow you and start following another account when looking for the same value?

Before creating content, rate from 1 to 10 each variable and try to not post under 7, always 7, 8, 9 o 10. And never under 5, not posting would be better in that case.

What’s the score of your last piece of content?

Photo credit: NWSL

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